Ruth Emile

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Annie came highly recommended by a friend of mine who is a high fashion photographer.
I was in search for a true makeup artist who would know how to enhance my best features
(and hide my flaws), rather than making me look like someone I would not be able
to recognize in the mirror.

We did a test run first. Annie came over to my home and was a joy to be around.
We played with colours and she was more than willing to
appease my curiosity with some things that she knew
strayed from the original vision we planned out for my big day.
I appreciated her patience and her attention to detail.
I knew as soon as we completed the test-run that she would be the artist to help my
look and feel perfect on my wedding day.

Before I get to my wedding day, I have a couple things to highlight:
Annie was always quick in responding to any questions
I had leading up to my wedding, and general questions I had about makeup.
She also provided me with a few samples of lipstick saying that the tones would
go well with my complexion, and lent me a stick of lipstick that I could use as a
reference for purchasing my own (Annie offered to go on her own to
pick one up, by the way). She was absolutely correct when she told me that every
bride should have their lipstick on hand on their wedding day.

On the morning of my spring wedding, Annie came over to my house with
all of her makeup supplies on hand. She once again did a stellar job with my
makeup and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My husband and I are planning a
Part II for our wedding on a beach far away and I plan on asking Annie for her services.
Annie is a true artist and an overall joy to be around. This is a real review and the longest
one I have written to-date, but I want to make sure that anyone considering Annie knows
how happy this bride was. Thank you Annie!!!