Professional Services

Annie Bessette’s goal is to enhance your makeup experience. Individual style is refined through unbiased information, expert-guided application and makeup organization.

Note: Sessions include full skincare and makeup application with only the highest quality products and products (La Mer, Armani, Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier, NARS, SHU UEMURA and MAC) eyebrow design and optional lashes.

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Photo Shoot / Special Events:

Note: half day and whole day include makeup, hair changes and touch-ups for different looks.




Makeup assistants, photographer, videographer, and hairstylists available at extra costs.


Specific (1h): 125$

During a specific lesson, you will learn how to master one of the hardest skill in makeup artistry, by assisting to a tutorial then helping you practice. Learning how to properly contour your face with bronzer, apply a perfect dark lip, fake lashes application or learn how to do a cat’s eye seems easy but discourages many. You will come out of this class with the proper knowledge to be able to reproduce the professional makeup look yourself at home.

Basic Lesson (2h): 225$

During a basic makeup lesson, you will learn how to create a fast makeup with basic essentials, then a bit more elaborated, polished day makeup. We will do a personnalised consultation to pin down the right shades for your skintone and eye color. I will teach you how to go from day makeup to evening makeup easily. We’ll go together through your makeup bag to help you organize and elaborate your day-to-evening looks and guide you through your brushes, makeup and accessories need. After a basic lesson you will feel more confident about your skills and your use of everyday makeup.

Elaborated (3h Masterclass): 325$

During an elaborated makeup class we will adress you concerns, show you how to recreate a sophisticated, polished evening makeup and take the time to practice skills and techniques together. We will go over your personnalized needs and learn how to contour and highlight, accordingly to your face shape, how to enhance your best features as well as tone down your less flattering ones. You will learn about the best tools, tricks of the trade and some of the pro tricks!

Groups: 100$ each

The group lessons will teach a preferred technique as well as demonstrations to be showcased. Questions will be answered during the tutorial and the students can take turns in the Master’s chair to model the application. Step-by-step instructions will be demonstrated to achieve the chosen look. Groups start from 3 up to 12 people.

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