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The inspiration for this picture was, of course retro, a bit 1950’s with barrel curls, black cat eyeline and bronzer for contouring.

The eyebrows are strong and well defined but not too arched as I wanted to give her a softer look; I filled them with Dior’s Universal Brow pencil, wich is marvelous because it suits everybody, no matter what haircolor you have.

The mistake often done with bronzer is that people apply it everywhere and it gives a very ‘fake bake’ look…

I used Guerlain’s Teracotta powder bronzer to sculpt her face by contouring her cheeks, temples, forhead, chin and jawline.

The luminous, bronzed skin was obtained with Laura Mercier’s Body Bronzing Makeup, which not only gives the skin an instant rich, natural glowy tan, but also deliciously perfumes the skin with an aphrodisiac coconut-almond scent. A MUST HAVE for summer!